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Use of Colour Coated Pipes

Colour Coated Pipes

Steel pipes are generally available in bare state. These are then coated at site for aesthetics and rust prevention. This creates land and air pollution apart from being expensive. This problem can be solved by use of factory controlled colour coated pipe. This is not only economical but also minimizes the impact on the environment. Painting in automatic lines ensures better quality and longer life. Pipes after manufacturing take time during transit and are exposed to varying environmental conditions. They can get superficial rust during transit particularly in humid weather. The colour coating of pipes before dispatch will tackle this problem of rusting of pipes in transit and also when the pipes are lying at the sites for weeks or months before being utilized.

Moreover painting such rusted pipes not only involves greater effort to remove the rusting, but it also impacts the cost upwardly. The colour coated pipes will help maintain the sanctity of the specifications of the pipes at usage. The result is better finish as well as aesthetic appeal. What’s more, the pre painting process is environment friendly.

Colour coated tubes have variety of household structural applications. These tubes are preferably used in Handrails, Gates, Home Decorations, Furniture, and Door Frame. It provides appealing aesthetic to interiors and exteriors. Furniture made from colour coated tube is the best way to improvise the interior of house. They will last for years in the same owing to their longevity. Colour coated tubes are crucial for the construction of balconies and roofs of every house. Door frame made up of colour coated tubes lend a classy facade to the house.

Let’s see the benefits of colour coated tube:

Appealing aesthetic: Use of colour coated tube imparts brilliant aesthetics to a house without compromising on the quality

Prevention of Rusting: Colour coating ensures prevention of rust formation over bare tube during transit to site of installation

Cost Effective: Colour coated tubes are economical. Painting at site requires various other processes such as blasting/pickling which subsequently increase the cost.

Better Quality: Factory controlled painting ensure better quality & superior finish

Environmental Friendly: Use of paint at site creates land & air pollution

Apollo Color brings colour coated tube for the first time in India for household structural applications.