What is Pre painted galvalume steel?

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Pre painted galvalume steel

What is Pre painted galvalume steel?

Pre-painted galvalume steel is manufactured by colour coating galvalume treated steel substrate. The typical composition of galvalume coating is 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% trace elements. Galvalume coated steel is usually produced in a continuous galvalume line. They are then applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl, or laminates. Pre painted galvalume steel has superior long term corrosion resistance in most atmospheric conditions. This is achieved through the combination of the sacrificial protection of the zinc and the barrier protection of the aluminium.

Excellent corrosion resistance and lower heat conductivity make Pre-painted galvalume steel, the preferred choice for roofing and cladding applications. They find their usage in a myriad of constructional purposes like Pre Engineered Buildings, Rain Ware, Landscaping, and Recreational Centres. They are also widely accepted in construction of white good appliances & automotive body parts.

Let us see what make Pre painted galvalume steel an ideal choice for use in an array of applications:

Better corrosion resistance: Superior resistance to corrosion means longer service life for buildings, appliances etc.

Heat reflectivity: Pre painted galvalume steel doesn’t allow too much conduction of heat and ensure a safe and cool environment within the building.

Durability: They can also bear high loads without getting damaged. Such steels are durable and assure longevity.

Environmental friendly: These steels are easily recyclable.

Weather resistant: Pre-painted galvalume steel can withstand harsh weathers conditions such as extreme summers, winters or rainfall.

Ease of fabrication: They are easy to form, shape, cut & fasten

Pleasing surface finish: They look attractive and impressive with pleasant surface finish & aesthetics.

All of the above reasons make Pre painted galvalume steel, a value added futuristic building material. India’s 60% of Pre-painted galvalume steel is being used as roofing & cladding sheets. Today, most of the buildings use colour coated roofing sheets in garages, offices, restaurants, parking, warehouses, industrial shed etc. Color coated roofing sheets not only add the aesthetic value to the structure but also offer longer life. APL Apollo RoofTuf provides a world-class solution of metal roofing systems. These roofing sheets are not just strong and beautiful but also excellent resistant to extreme weather conditions.