Why Choose Apollo Tubes And Pipes For Any Kind Of Construction?

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Why choose Apollo Tubes And pipes for any kind of construction?


Structural Steel Tubes and Pipes by APL Apollo are fantastic for adding both beauty and solidity to buildings. They come in a range of forms and sizes and can be used for a variety of tasks. The products are unquestionably the best, with features that can wonderfully mould man-made creations. Here are a few things you should know about them.

The variety of products along with their features to make your designs
interesting and sustainable are:

  • The pipes are rust-free, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, strong and durable. These characteristics give them a long-lasting quality, ensuring that the structures you build will endure a lifetime and require the least amount of upkeep. Termites are unable to chew through the pipes, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • The pipes are also available in a variety of colours! The pipes are flexible, making them ideal for all of your roofing needs. These pipes are fire resistant, have a high strength to weight ratio, contain fire resistant screws, are sturdy, safe, and durable, and are a perfect fit for any roof type. They also contain an anti-capillary groove to ensure that no leaks occur even during heavy rains! They provide excellent space coverage while also being adaptable. They also provide a range of ready-to-use colours in the pipes, as well as custom colour options on demand to meet your specific requirements.

● It’s suitable for both construction and furniture applications.

  • These products are wonderful to use in group housing, housing colonies, independent residences, or commercial projects such as malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, office towers, and so on. They bring beauty and symmetry to the construction. Apart from that, Apollo rust-resistant pipes can be used in infrastructure projects that the company performs in both urban and rural locations, and they are certainly employed in agricultural and industrial equipment. The above-mentioned applications benefit from the added strength and structure provided by these structural steel tubes.

● For a longer life expectancy, they’ve been pre-galvanized.

  • Apollo products are made of a special hot-dipped galvanised steel coil that was created to suit the demand for galvanised steel tubes in coastal locations. Both the inside and outside of these zinc-coated pre-galvanized tubes are zinc-coated. These pipes are commonly used in the building of roofing structures that provide long-term rain and sunlight protection. These are available as square, rectangular, and round sections

● Innovative shapes are available

  • These structural steel tubes and pipes are available in a variety of shapes, including elliptical, oval, octagon, D-section, square, tapered, thin, and H-shaped. These shapes provide for a better fit in the structures, resulting in increased durability and stability in a range of applications, including: Posts for fencing: The H-shaped pipes provide a distinctive fencing solution. They are a unique APL Apollo product that is low-cost, long-lasting, and may be utilised in place of typical concrete boundary walls. Road safety fencing: Reusable bollards and road delineators made of high-strength, termite-free materials may easily replace fencing and bollards made of normal building materials. It can also support wire or wire mesh, as well as parking fences, signpost bollards, and parking fences. APL Apollo has a large selection of structural steel pipes that can be used in a number of applications. The product line cleverly combines strength, practicality, and beauty to produce a genuinely adaptable building solution. APL Apollo’s structural pipes, which come in a variety of shapes, colours, and tints, are a dream come true for architects since they provide them with so much creative flexibility. Structures that make use of these steel pipes and tubes turn imaginations into reality by moving them from the design board to the actual site without sacrificing strength or longevity. This is why the structural pipe series from APL Apollo is so popular among builders, architects, and clients. Rust-proof square, rectangular, and round pipes from APL Apollo are like poems engraved in steel that beautify the landscape and stand the test of time. APL Apollo has a 50% market share by sales and is the undisputed leader in structural steel tubes. Offering the right blend of strength, beauty and longevity, it has become the go-to brand that delights customers and architects alike. For all your building needs, do take time out to visit https://aplapollo.com/ and we will be glad to assist you.