Why do engineers choose black hollow steel sections tubes by APL Apollo for commercial and residential projects?

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Why do engineers choose black hollow steel sections tubes by APL Apollo for commercial and residential projects?

The APL Apollo Column is an exclusive range of black hollow steel sections that can be used for constructing structures of any design and elevation. APL Apollo is at the forefront of futuristic technology as far as structural steel tubes and sections in India is concerned. They are an ideal combination of strength and aesthetics and are quite popular among engineers and architects.

Engineers prefer the use of these black hollow steel sections in their commercial and residential projects because of the following reasons – 

The Efficiency Of Use – The black hollow steel sections from APL Apollo are very efficient to use since they are cut to size and can be fitted easily. They simplify connections and add to the strength of the structure. 

Reduction In Material And Project costs – Engineers have discovered that the use of black hollow steel sections helps in less consumption of steel, less wastage due to customized pieces available and an overall reduction in project execution time and cost. This makes black hollow steel sections a high-performance building material which explains its popularity.

Highly Resistant Against Torsional Effects – The closed shape of the sections and the large moment of inertia about the weak axis makes them resistant to torsional effects. 

Improved Aesthetics – The exposed black hollow steel sections enhance the beauty of the structure. They make the construction look elegant and pleasing to the eye and fire the imagination of architects.

Optimum Design – Although the unit material cost of HSS is higher than open built-up sections, the additional strength of the steel tube allows optimum design which makes it prudent for engineers and architects to go for this.

Saving in transportation and erection costs – The reduction in weight as compared to built-up sections reduces transportation, erection effort, time and costs. Even the painting cost is less since HSS have 30-40% less surface area compared to built-up sections. 

Corrosion Resistance – The smooth corners of the HSS structures offer a smart appearance while reducing the possibility of corrosion and decreasing the lifecycle and maintenance costs.

Largest Range – APL Apollo offers India’s largest range of square hollow steel sections ranging from 150*150mm to 300*300 mm in size. APL Apollo Column tubes are perfect for infrastructure, commercial as well as residential projects. 

The excellent quality, sturdiness and ease of bending, punching and drilling offered by APL Apollo black hollow steel sections make it the go-to choice for engineers and architects. 

The black hollow steel sections are quite appealing to engineers and architects because they offer so much value. Engineers are extremely impressed by the superlative performance of the black hollow steel sections as it has offered them more than they had envisaged. Little wonder then, that APL Apollo’s black hollow steel sections are being widely used in commercial and

residential projects. To know more details about the product or get in touch with us please visit https://aplapollo.com/apollo-column/.