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Why switch to Apollo Chaukhat?

Traditionally, wood was used for window and door frames in India. They have been in use for a long period of time but they have their fair share of problems. Wood is an expensive material and carving frames out of it is an even more expensive procedure. Moreover, owing to the material, the finished products are not always fully customized and leave gaps when installed. This leads to the house being prone to germs and dust – thus creating an unhealthy environment. It also takes a longer time to install wooden frames as they are open frames and are also difficult to integrate into design while renovating homes. Moreover, these frames are inflammable and prone to termites. Being made of wood, the frames are also susceptible to weather changes that can easily damage the product. These led to quick degeneration and frequent breakdowns of wooden frames, thus proving to be a not-so-economical option.

This led to the need for an improved and durable product that would ease the process while being durable. A product that would last longer and be stronger than the existing option. Our quest for innovation and enhancing customer experience made us look into the dearth of such a product and work on a solution for the same. We imported the best technology from Italy and used it to make India’s first steel closed door and window frames. We made this with Direct Forming Technology or DFT which added many features to the finished product. In a short span of time, it has become a preferred choice over wood for various reasons like:

  • Made of superior quality steel, Apollo Chaukhat promises great strength and longer durability.
  • Made of steel, our frames are resistant to fire and other such disasters.
  • They are also immune to termites, thus elongating durability.
  • Being customizable, these steel frames can be easily installed anywhere without additional need for renovation.
  • The installation is an easy two-step process that makes it much faster than before.
  • Our steel frames are also much more economical – they are cost-efficient and last longer; thus decreasing initial and maintenance cost.
  • These are eco-friendly products and help you save the environment by reducing the felling of trees.
  • Due to the material, our frames are also resistant to weather and do not expand or shrink under extreme temperatures. They are also resistant to water and moisture.
  • Customization ensures zero gaps thus leaving no space for germs or dust to enter the home.
  • Our frames are available in an array of sizes to meet every requirement.
  • These frames are also available in sleek designs, thus helping you choose strong frames without compromising on the aesthetics.

Thus switching to Apollo Chaukhat can help you save the environment while increasing the durability of your own home. Have you made the right choice yet?