The Complete Steel Door Solution

Apollo Wondoor

Wondoorful Door For Wonderful Homes

Apollo Wondoor is a complete door solution to add aesthetic beauty to your house and grant resilience to it. The new-age doors are manufactured using cutting-edge technology from superior quality APL Apollo steel that is known for its long-lasting durability, affordability, and reliable performance. The doors pass through several quality checks so that once they are installed in your home, they always perform at peak levels. In addition to this, they are incredibly easy to fit due to our advanced readymade Chaukhat with fabricated hinges. This allows the door to fit instantly, eliminating the hassles of complex step-by-step procedures of preparing and fitting your doorway.

They do not use any wood and this is important because several light woods are cut just to provide wood for a single door, leading to deforestation on a massive scale. Apollo Wondoors are embracing a greener future by eliminating the use of wood and using structural steel which greatly increases the structural integrity of your household. They are made using cutting-edge technology and also come in a variety of different colours to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences

All of this makes Apollo Wondoors the best choice to add a sense of style and class to your humble abode.


Termite Proof

As Apollo Wondoors are made of the finest APL Apollo structural steel tubes, they are more resistant to termites than wooden doors.


The structural steel of the Apollo Wondoors makes them weather-resistant and structurally sound. Whether it’s extreme heat or cold, Apollo Wondoors can handle it all.

Eco Friendly

Apollo Wondoors are made of a structural steel, not wood. Every two Apollo Wondoor doors save a tree which contributes to a cleaner and greener future.

Superior Strength

Apollo Wondoors are four times more secure than wooden doors thanks to the best quality APL Apollo structural steel. They are reliable, built to last and add structural support to your beautiful home.


The superior quality structural steel tubes in the Wondoor are seven times more resistant to warpage than wooden doors. No more constant visits by the carpenter

Complete Door Solution

With the Apollo Wondoor, you will never want to buy from another brand ever again due to our superior quality and affordable price. APL Apollo makes sure that all Apollo Wondoors pass through strict quality control.


Apollo Wondoors are made of a hollow steel structure, which, unlike wood, is not flammable and automatically resists fires.

Quick & Easy Installation

Say goodbye to the tedious door installation process thanks to the readymade Chaukhat structural steel frame with fabricated hinges for a true plug & play door fitting experience.


Smart Doors

These beautiful doors by APL Apollo have a hollow steel structure best suited for your main door, bedroom, balcony, and living room. They come in a range of premium colours like white, brown, dark wood, and light wood. These doors are incredibly durable thanks to the APL Apollo structural steel tubes with a fire rating of two hours. The door lock also comes with 2 years of warranty for peace of mind. They are made of various rectangular steel pipe sizes.

Colours available: White, brown, dark wood, and light wood.
Size: 1000 X 2100 mm(3.3 X 7 ft)
Accessories included: Hinges and Motorized lock

Available Colors

  • White

  • Brown

  • Dark Wood

  • Light Wood

Prime Doors

These doors are perfect for your kitchen, store room, terrace, bathroom, balcony, & staircase area. They are very durable as they are made of strong APL Apollo structural steel tubes which have a fire rating of two hours. With 2 years of warranty for the door lock, we assure you that this product is quality you can trust. They are also made of various rectangular steel pipe sizes.

Colours available: White and brown.
Size: 750 X 2100 mm (2.5 X 7f ft)
Accessories included: Hinges and Motorized lock

Available Colors

  • White

  • Brown

Technical Specifications of Apollo Wondoor

Apollo Wondoor

Door Frames: Honeycomb Paper
Door Leaf Thickness: 40 mm
Standard: 1000 X 2100 mm (3.3 X 7 ft), 750 X 2100 mm (2.5 X 7 ft)
Paint/Coating: Powder Coating
Accessories: Hinges, Motorized Lock, Stopper, Fasteners

Brand Personality

Apollo Wondoors are offered in a range of beautiful designs that will combine perfectly with your home’s style and add to its positive ambience while providing unmatched security for your family. The classy finishes, futuristic design, and smooth texture add a sense of luxury to your home. Moreover, when strength, beauty, value-for-money and longevity come together with an environment-friendly door that’s termite-proof and fire-resistant, what more can one ask for!

Why should you choose Apollo Wondoor?

Wooden doors are made up of large quantities of wood which adds to the problem of rampant deforestation around the world. Moreover, the process of making a wooden door has many complications and there are no standard checks for quality or price. Many times, doors end up suffering damage over time due to regular usage and weather conditions. You end up spending a lot of money on maintenance repairs. It’s time to make a switch to more environmentally friendly options. Switch to Apollo Wondoor. Apollo Wondoor can be your biggest step towards contributing to a greener planet, as every 2 Apollo Wondoor steel doors save 1 tree. Apollo Wondoors are also made up of our best structural steel tubes in a variety of rectangular steel pipe sizes which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.