5 Advantages of ERW Steel Pipe

5 Advantages of ERW Steel Pipe


Are you looking for the best steel pipes for your project? You have recently heard about ERW steel pipes that can help you meet high and low-pressure requirements. These rounded steel pipes are mostly used for oil, natural gas, and other vapour-liquid transportation. Therefore, other engineering applications can also use these round structural steel pipes for fencing, scaffolding, line pipes, etc.

No doubt, it has become more popular in the transportation pipe & construction tube industry. Learn how ERW steel pipes are manufactured and the advantages of using them.

What is ERW Steel Pipe?
Electrical Resistance Welded ( ERW) Structural Steel Pipe is made of carbon steel coil, which has low strength and hardness properties. Also, the durability is increased by the weld seam that runs parallel to the pipe.

At APL Apollo, ERW structural steel pipes and tubes are manufactured by transforming cold flat steel strips into rounded tubes and passing them through a set of forming rollers to produce a longitudinal seam. The two edges of a seam are heated with a high-frequency resistance and pressed together to form a bond.

No metal filling will be needed for the longitudinal ERW as impurities in the heat zone are extruded during the welding process. Thus, this process makes electro-welded steel pipe more durable.

Five Key Advantages of Apollo ERW Steel Pipes
Steel ERW pipes are formed from hot rolled steel plates through repeated shaping, bending, welding, heat treatment, sizing, straightening, cutting, and heat treatment.

1) High dimensional accuracy: Electrical-resistance welded pipes are rounded pipes with a small diameter and thin width of the wall. It is made with high-frequency induction welding to achieve accurate dimensions.

2) Good mechanical properties: Manufacturers can control the strip rolling of ERW steel pipe effortlessly because of its innovative welding technology. ERW Steel pipes can be rolled effortlessly because of its innovative welding technology, which enables manufacturers to control the strip rolling process. The welded part is also passed through online heat treatment technology to improve its performance. Hence, it helps to reduce material wastage.

3) Higher Elongation: Straight seam welded steel pipe can elongate 8% -10% higher than traditional seamless steel pipes. Besides, an electric-welded steel pipe consumes less carbon than other steel tubes and pipes.

4)Uniform wall thickness: ERW steel pipe has high concentricity and uniform thickness after heat treatment. Its microstructure makes the steel pipe more durable and resistant to collapse. Also, it offers higher elongation compared to other seamless steel pipes.

5) Longitudinal resistance: Welded steel tubes undergo rigorous heat treatment to ensure their durability. It will not collapse during transit and can provide high resistance to all external forces. This is why it can be used to manufacture small diameter thin-walled pipes, commonly used in the city to transport gas and crude oil.

Summing Up! Only the best ERW steel pipes will offer you all the advantages mentioned in the list. APL Apollo manufactures structural steel pipes and tubes with higher resistance to heat and temperature. They are easy to install and have a long service life. Click here to know more.