Advantages of PEB structures in various high-rise buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports etc.

Advantages of PEB structures in various high-rise buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, airports etc.


In the modern fast-paced world, time is of the essence and all innovations that assist in expediting project execution are welcome. Pre-engineered buildings or PEBs fall under this category. They are perfect for high-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, commercial buildings and more. Let us explore the advantages of PEBs which make them the ideal choice for numerous construction projects.

What are Pre-engineered Buildings?
Pre-engineered buildings are manufactured in a factory in parts and assembled at the construction site. This is called structural engineering. Unlike traditional steel buildings which are constructed from scratch at the site, pre-engineered buildings are tailored to plan at the factory taking into account the specific requirements. They are then transported to the site and fixed using bolted connections.PEB structures are lighter compared to traditional steel buildings since they are made with tubular steel and can be transported easily to the site.

Advantages of Pre-engineered Buildings
Pre-engineered buildings conform to international standards, are cost-effective and help to complete projects on time. They are increasingly being preferred as a modern efficient alternative to traditional steel structures.

Strength and Durability

Steel is a strong and durable building material that can withstand the vagaries of nature. Whether it is extreme heat, rains, storms or earthquakes, steel structures can bear the onslaught quite well. The addition of Galvalume to the steel makes it rust resistant and ensures the longevity of the structure.

Good for the Environment

The use of structural steel for construction is good for the environment as it reduces the cutting down of trees. The use of steel doesn’t cause pollution. It can be recycled infinitely which means there is minimum wastage and no loss of value over a long period of time. Switching to a green construction material is beneficial for the planet at large.

Time Savings

Using PEB structures can reduce the project execution time considerably. Once the building plans are approved, the entire structure can be fabricated in weeks and delivered to the site along with the foundation and anchor bolts ready to be secured into place at the site. This allows the flexibility to come up with entire structures in a short period of time without any compromise on quality.

Cost Savings

Since PEB structures can be erected quickly and are simple to assemble, the labour involved is less compared to traditional steel buildings. Moreover, since the structural steel tubes are lighter, it is cheaper to transport them to the construction site. This combined with time savings ensures that the total project works out much cheaper.

Range of Options

There are a variety of options to choose from once the building design is ready. APL Apollo offers a range of tubular building solutions that can be used to assemble your dream structure quickly and economically while not compromising on the aesthetic elegance of the structure.

APL Apollo is at the forefront of the pre-engineered building revolution. It is constantly coming up with new innovations using the latest structural steel technology to create next-generation building solutions that can save considerable time and costs while changing the building landscape. To know more about APL Apollo and its offerings please visit