APL Apollo Tubes providing tubular building solutions VS beams building solutions

APL Apollo Tubes providing tubular building solutions VS beams building solutions


APL Apollo group is India’s largest manufacturer of structural steel pipes and tubes, with an annual capacity of more than 2.6 million tons. As a part of the SG Group, it caters extensively to India, and exports to over 20 countries globally.

The company’s vast distribution network is spread across the domestic region with warehouse and branch offices in 29 cities. Its structural steel tubes are used in a variety of load-bearing and construction materials in residential and commercial infrastructure projects.

The Indian PEB industry, which primarily uses conventional 3 plates (I or H) steel products, is around 1 million metric tons in size (non-tubular sections). In PEB structures, steel tubes account for only 5% of the total.

There is enormous potential for increased demand for affordable modular PEB structures, as well as how increasing the composition of structural steel tubes will result in more cost-effective, stronger, and longer-lasting structures, as well as allow project completion time to be reduced.

Let us look at the advantages of tubular building solutions over beam building solutions –

Cost Advantage – There is a significant cost advantage in using structural steel tubes over beams which will impact the overall project cost. They need less concrete to be mounted.

Efficiency – The tubular sections can be used to complete the construction more efficiently as they come in box sections with smooth finishes.

Faster Project Execution – Tubular building solutions will ensure faster completion of projects due to less labour requirement as it comes in customized length and sizes.

APL Apollo produces structural steel tubes that can be used to build smart and efficient structures that combine aesthetics with strength and durability. In the coming years, the surge in demand for tubular building solutions might help generate a new yearly market of 200,000 tonnes for its ‘Apollo Column’ higher sizes and higher thickness steel tubes. APL already has a large market share in this category, which will grow even more next year with the introduction of a structural steel tube with a dimension of 500 x 500 mm. APL’s goal is to grow Apollo Column’s market share by a factor of ten.

Warehouses, hospitals, airports, industrial sheds, and commercial and residential complexes are among the areas where the company is pursuing tubular PEB steel building solutions. Given the government’s strong drive to strengthen farm supply chain infrastructure and rural housing infrastructure, warehouse construction and affordable housing projects will be in high demand in the future years.

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