Applications of Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel

Applications of Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel


Do you want to know where you can use rolled steel? You are at the right place. Let us first take a look at what these rolled steel products are. Why are they becoming so popular in the construction industry? To get the answers, take a look at this blog.

The versatility of structural steel makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial and household applications. Rollers can shape, formalize, and enhance metal properties. You will get two types of rolled steel – hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel.

Hot Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled structural Steel is rolled at a high temperature above re-crystallization ( usually 1100 degrees celsius). This temperature refines the microstructure of the steel and allows it to be formed into any shape.

Hot Rolled steel is processed steel that has greater formality and mechanical properties. Hot rolling involves heating and compressing a large rectangular slab called a billet into a large steel roll. The desired dimension is achieved by rotating rollers. During the rolling process, the steel is wound into coils and cooled. The processed material in other forms is cut into specified units and packaged.

Features and Benefits of Hot structural Steel
Provide high ductility to the structure
Shrinks Quickly as it cools
Easy to be welded
Less expensive as it requires less processing time.
Easy to bend and shape.
Steel cools gradually, so there are no internal stresses.
Applications of Hot Rolled
Agriculture Equipment: Most agriculture components such as tractors, silos, barns, watering systems, etc, are continuously exposed to dirt, heat, chemicals, and precipitation. Hot steel can prevent premature wear and corrosion. It offers an ideal combination of sturdiness and corrosion resistance.
Automobile parts: Automobiles use hot-rolled steel sheets for underbody components. It is also best suited for automotive suspension and chassis parts.
Railroad equipment: It offers the utmost efficiency, safety, and reliability. Hot rolled steel is used as standard joint bars, insulated joint bars, and D-bars. It is also ideal for making reliable tracks and car parts.
Mining Industry: Support beams, ladders, grinding balls, and light rails are the mining components. Hot rolled steel aproducts are resistant to vibration and shock and offer reliable performance in harsh conditions that make them ideal for mining infrastructure.
Cold Rolled Steel
Cold Rolled Steel is produced from hot rolling steel. The cold rolling process involves passing hot rolled steel over a series of rollers at room temperature to cool it down. A significant amount of pressure is required to create the desired shape. As a result, this process is more expensive than the hot rolling process.

Features and Benefits of Cold structural Steel
Prevent shock and deformation.
Achieve high tolerances and a better quality surface finish.
Provide 20% greater strength than hot-rolled steel
Free of rust and scale
Requires little to no secondary processing as it doesnt shrink after the process.
Cold rolled steel is often used for applications that require tighter tolerances and better surface finishes. Application uses for cold-rolled steel include:

Home appliances: Cold-rolled steel sheets are used to build microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. It has corrosion-resistant properties, is durable, and has an appealing appearance.
Metal furniture: It has a clean and smooth surface. Therefore, Cold rolled steel is used for furniture products, such as office furniture, chairs, tables, kitchen furniture, and other metal furniture.
Mechanical Components: Rods, bearings, clumps, barrels, and other mechanical components are made from cold rolling steel.
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To Sum Up!

As you can see both hot rolled and cold rolled steel can be used in numerous applications. Both types are used in diverse industries.APL Apollo is a leader in producing hot and cold rolled steels using the latest technology. We operate multi-unit facilities equipped with top-of-the-line machinery and equipment. You can visit to check out our entire range.