Factors to consider when buying colour-coated coil and sheets from the market?

Factors to consider when buying colour-coated coil and sheets from the market?


Colour-coated coils and sheets are widely used pre-engineered building materials. It is a versatile product used for various applications, including home appliances, furniture, airports, industrial, and warehouses.

Colour-coated steel sheets and coils use steel coils as substrates and are coated with various organic coatings. These pre Coloured steel sheets and coils are manufactured by the top structural steel company, APL Apollo Tubes. It also offers excellent electro-resistance as a high-quality PEBsteel structure solution.

The colour-coated steel coils are produced as pre-painted steel sheets and then cut to size and marketed as the finished products. The sheet’s colour comes from the steel colour-coated coils. Pre-painted steel coils are predominantly used to improve the aesthetic value of PEB structures. Apart from this, it offers other advantages such as durability and corrosion resistance.

Several companies that manufacture steel also produce colour-coated products. It is confusing to buy the best colour-coated products. This blog will share the factors to consider when purchasing colour-coated structural steel sheets.

How to Choose Color-coated Coils and Sheets from the market?
The construction material will not only meet your expectation but also reduce the purchasing costs. Consider the following factors when choosing pre-painted steel products:

Measure Coating Thickness

Whenever buying colour-coated sheets, it is important to check the coating thickness of the product. Substrate and coating thickness may vary depending on the application, use environment, and durability. The thickness of the coating will increase its durability and prolong its life.

Must be Hot-Dipped Galvanized Sheets

Before finalizing the structural steel coil/tubes, one major thing to consider is whether it is a galvanized sheet or a galvalume sheet. Manufacturers of color-coated sheets use hot-dip galvanized and galvalume sheets for their superior corrosion resistance. Its mechanical properties make Galvalume sheets suitable for industrial projects in highly corrosive environments.

Types and Colors of top/back paint

PE(polyethylene), SMP (mix of Silicon & Polyester), HDP, and PVDF are four popular top paints that differ in hardness, adhesion, durability, and other qualities. The most often coating used is PE which offers average durability, decent hardness and flexibility, and is available at a reasonable price. SMP is better than HMP because it is durable, glossy, and colour-retaining. However, it is less flexible. HDP is more durable than PE and also less expensive. PVDF has outstanding durability and flexibility, but it is less colourful and more expensive. The top coat should follow these factors such as the use purpose, the environment, the designed life, durability, processing method, etc. to prolong the life of the PEB steel sheets.

Back paint is often chosen based on the application and use environment. When the environment is not corrosive, one layer of paint is sufficient. The back paint must adhere well if it is pasted with thermal insulation materials.

Buy by Weight Rather than Per Piece

To construct their pre-Engineered steel building, you should purchase steel priced by weight rather than per piece. When working on large metal projects, precise weight calculation is crucial to reducing the weight economically and physically. Knowing the weight of steel sheets is essential if you plan to transport or lift them with cranes or hydraulic equipment.

In Summary!
Hopefully, the list of factors will help you to buy suitable colour-coated sheets from the market. APL Apollo is one of the leading structural steel manufacturers in India, with years of expertise in the structural steel sector. We offer safe and efficient structural steel tubes and pipes structures at reasonable pricing by leveraging our experience and cutting-edge technologies. To check out the entire range of APL Apollo structural steel products, please visit www.aplapollo.com and we will be happy to serve you.