Find out how you can rejuvenate the PEB industry with APL Apollo Steel Building Solutions!

Find out how you can rejuvenate the PEB industry with APL Apollo Steel Building Solutions!


Apollo high-performance materials are revolutionizing the PEB steel industry. APL Apollo always brings out something new and innovative that can rejuvenate the construction industry. Yet again, the company has unveiled structural steel building solutions to transform the future of the building and construction industry.

APL Apollo Group has come out with a wide range of heavy structural steel products, including Apollo Column tubes. These structural tubes are hollow steel sections made of black steel. It offers a futuristic edge to the structures.

Besides, with Apollo Column tubes and Steel Building Solutions technology, Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) can be completed faster and more efficiently. It will offer cost-effectiveness and elevate the design of your projects. Therefore, structural tubes are known as the heart of the PEB structures.

Do you want to discover how steel structural steel tubes help rejuvenate the PEB industry? Then continue reading to learn about the advantages of these Apollo steel building options.

In India, Apollo Column is a popular product available in square hollow section, rectangle hollow section and circular hollow section. SHS is available in sizes starting from 12×12 mm to 300x300mm. RHS is available from 26x13mm to 400x200mm while CHS is available from 21.33mm to 355.6 mm. It also offers size and design flexibility, consistent strength, and better torsional strength.

Six Ways APL Apollo Structural Steel Tubes Rejuvenate the PEB Industry
Save Cost and Time: The main advantage of adopting hollow structural parts is their inexpensive cost. The use of APL Apollo Structural Steel Column Tubes can minimize total project costs. Because HSS sections are lightweight, they are easy to transport and erect. As a result, this pre-engineered building material will lower both material and project expenses.
Higher Torsional Strength: APL Apollo column tubes are hollow steel sections with an advantage for PEB tubular constructions. Using steel tube columns will provide higher strength than non tubular beams. Because of its high torsional strength, it is the ideal product for building towers, bridges, cranes, highway guardrails, sign supports, and other structures. Therefore, they are known as high-strength welded steel tubes or HSS.
Superior Performance: These pre-engineered steel tubes can be used to construct the complete structure. Because they are popular for their high performance, they provide strength to buildings. Because of its advantageous qualities, it is an excellent choice for various structures such as hospitals, factories, warehouses, cold storage, retail malls, commercial offices, etc.
No-ground Fabrication: ERW structural tubes will reduce fabrication time. Because it is pre-fabricated, precisely engineered, and cut to length, there is little or no on-site fabrication required. It accelerates the construction process.
High Tensile Strength: Hollow structural sections have emerged as an irreplaceable construction material due to their high load-bearing capacity. It can bear maximum stress without breaking out. Thus, the use of square structural tubes has gained considerable significance in PEB’s construction.
Eco-friendly: The Apollo steel building product line is manufactured with a long-term environmental strategy. Square tubes are also produced from recycled steel, which helps to save limited resources. Moreover, it will stop the felling of precious trees and become a better replacement for wood.
While improving architectural aesthetics, APL Apollo column tubes can benefit the pre-engineered building (PEB) industry by achieving speed, saving construction costs, creating quality structures, and promoting a sustainable environment. These exclusive products are the future of the construction and building industry, which encompasses strength, tolerance, and long-lasting service life. Visit and enquire now for new projects or to explore the entire product range.