Galvanized VS galvanized + pre-painted (colour coated) coils & sheets

Galvanized VS galvanized + pre-painted (colour coated) coils & sheets


APL Apollo group is India’s largest manufacturer of structural steel pipes and tubes, with an annual production capacity of more than 2.6 million tons. As a part of the SG Group, it caters extensively to India, and exports to over 20 countries globally.

The company’s vast distribution network is spread across the domestic region within warehouse and branch offices in 29 cities. Its structural steel tubes and pipes are used in a variety of load-bearing and construction materials in residential and commercial infrastructure projects.

APL Apollo manufactures structural steel tubes and pipes from steel coils and sheets using the latest cutting-edge technology. In addition to galvanizing the sheets and coils, it offers prepainted sheets and coils which provide a superior edge over normal galvanized sheets and coils.

What are PPGI and PPGL coils and sheets?
The coating applied to each variety is the fundamental distinction between the two types of steel coil. A layer of zinc is evenly applied on PPGI or a galvanized and pre-painted steel coil. The zinc coating protects the base material against corrosion, extending the product’s useful life.

The PPGL steel coil, on the other hand, is prepainted, and coated with a mixture of aluminum, zinc, and other trace metals. Galvalume coatings are typically composed of 55 percent aluminum, 43.4 percent zinc, and 1.6 percent trace elements.

There are a few differences between simple galvanized sheets and pre-painted galvanized sheets.

Prepainted galvanized sheets provide superior corrosion resistance compared to normal galvanized sheets. They ensure that rusting due to exposure to moisture is prevented by providing a protective coating. They have barrier protection of zinc combined with hybrid 03 colour coatings over the base metal.
Colour-coated galvanized sheets are aesthetically pleasing compared to normal galvanized sheets. They can be used directly in several applications and add a dash of brightness to the structure
The superior coating technology offers higher durability and adds to the strength of steel making the prepainted galvanized sheets a better choice.They have at least 4X service life compared to normal galvanized sheets.
The use of prepainted galvanized sheets eliminates the need for the replacement of sheets due to rusting or damage by harsh weather conditions as they are resistant to cracking and peeling.
The pre-painted galvanized sheets have higher heat stability and heat reflective properties compared to galvanized sheets.
Prepainted galvanized sheets are highly fire resistant and non combustible which makes them perfect for PEB segment.
The colour-coated sheets have a superior anti finger print coating that enhances its look. It has a uniform coating on all sides unlike post painted galvanized sheets which have a single coating on the exposed side. They have edge protection with coatings.
Epoxy coatings are possible in prepainted galvanised sheets for better adhesion over metals.
Compared to normal galvanized sheets, the prepainted galvanized sheets are more flexible with extra bend properties of 0T to 3T.
The coil is often made of hot-dip zinc-coated (GI) steel or an aluminium-zinc/galvalume (AZ/GL) substrate and is processed on a continuous paint coating line (CCL), where the metal’s surface is cleaned, pre-treated, and several layers of organic coatings are added.

Colour-coated material blends the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance of zinc and paint in our product line. We offer the most diverse colour palette on the market.

Furthermore, the hues and degree of gloss can be customized to meet your needs. Color Coated Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils & Prepainted Aluzinc Steel Coils (PPGI / PPGL) are available in the market in coils, sheets, split strips, and profiled sheets.

These galvanized and pre-painted colour-coated coils and sheets can be used in a variety of applications. They last longer without rusting and look attractive when used in structures as they come in a range of bright colours. They can be used for roofing warehouses sheds, fences, factory walls, solar panels, automobile parts, home appliances and so many more.