How coloured structural steel products are trending

How coloured structural steel products are trending


The construction industry is always on the lookout for innovations and colour-coated structural steel sheets have become an important material for building projects. Prepainted steel sheets are being increasingly used in a wide range of applications including industrial roofs, cladding, warehouses, sheds, automobile bodies, solar panels, atriums, malls, and so on. The manufacturing process of colour-coated steel involves using liquid paint to coat the coiled steel. This gives it a strong, uniform colour coating that gives the steel anti-corrosive properties and makes it more durable.

Steel is literally the backbone of a growing economy and it is used in an array of diverse industries. Whether it is a humble safety pin or a surgical instrument or an automobile or a building, steel has a role to play. Over a period of time, due to atmosphere corrosion, steel tends to be affected and requires replacement. Colour-coated steel has a protective coating that helps prevent corrosion and offers a longer life combined with aesthetic looks, recyclability etc. Replacing normal steel with colour-coated steel products in various industries will lead to faster project completion, better looks and lower costs in the long run. The plethora of applications where colour-coated steel offers an attractive replacement option makes it a popular choice.

Colour-coated steel is lightweight and strong making it perfect for industrial use. It offers a variety of alternatives for architects and designers to choose from. Being prepainted saves them a lot of time and costs without compromising on the look and finish. Moreover, it is eco-friendly keeping in mind the challenges of climate change and the problems associated with it.

APL Apollo has recently launched Apollo Navrang the narrow width, high thickness colour coated coils and sheets with an aesthetic appeal that will impress designers. These Galvalume sheets can be put to industrial, commercial or residential use depending on the application.

Navrang has a Hot Dip Non OX Continuous Galvanizing Alu Zinc Line from YOGIJI DIGI for galvanized and Alu-Zinc products with a thickness range of 0.3mm-3mm with a 300-750mm width. This line is integrated with 4 Hi Wet Skin Pass Mill and flex tension levelling giving us the best surface finishing results. They can be used for commercial building rooftops, open door frames, PEB sheds, solar panels, automotive bodies, purlins, home appliances, traffic barriers, shutters etc. These colour-coated sheets are available in unique colours like Brick Red, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Off white and more with designer finishes like marble, stone or wood in gloss or matt finish to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The fast-paced development in the country and the associated rise in infrastructure has ensured high demand for steel with the latest innovation techniques. APL Apollo stands at the forefront of the technological revolution in the steel industry. It prides itself on staying ahead of the curve and coming up with cutting-edge innovations that can steer the construction and other diverse industries ahead offering them the best possible structural steel products to work with. Colour-coated structural steel products are a game changer as they combine strength, durability, aesthetics and environmental friendliness to offer modern construction materials that are perfect for the times we live in.
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