How to choose the right structural steel tubes for infrastructure projects!

How to choose the right structural steel tubes for infrastructure projects!


Structural steel tubes are the most common construction materials. They are welded tubes available in different shapes, such as circular, oval, square, and rectangular. Steel tubes are used for welded, bolted, or riveted construction of bridges and buildings.

High-quality steel pipes are durable and sustain natural disasters. It is a type of construction material that can be used for various structural applications. There are different structural tubes present in the market.
To choose the right steel tube for your project, you should know about the structural pipes used for a variety of applications.

Different Types of Structural Pipes:
ERW steel pipe: It is typically known as the premium quality pipe. It is mainly used for oil and gas transportation. It is the seamless line pipe manufactured for sign pole, dock, and tunnel construction.
Spiral steel pipes are the right fit for road casing, piling, and trenches. Because of its economical and durable structure, this tube offers long-lasting quality.
Seamless structural steel tube is a durable product that works best for dock piling, pipe piling, caissons, and bollards.
DSAQ carbon steel pipe is a welded pipe. It is welded from the outside and inside. It is also available in different grades. This construction material is useful in the building of road casing, culverts, and more.
Fence pipe is a popular structural tube for building fences. It is highly durable and robust. Parking lots and enclosing parks are commonly made from this building material.
After acquiring knowledge of different steel tubes, it is time to choose the right one for your infrastructure project. Structural Steel tube is a popular product among commercial contractors for urban planning. Now, you know that not all structural pipes are the same. They have different grades and can be used for certain applications. It has high versatility and durability, which makes it suitable for large projects.

Criteria For Structural Steel Selection
The right selection of piping is critical for the success of your construction building project. Steel structural tubes can work as a support for construction or add functionality. But it depends on the requirements and construction expectations. Here, we aim to select the right structural tubes for design and construction.

Process Design Conditions
Pipe Material for Construction
Piping Design Loads
Insulation & Cladding on Piping
Piping General Arrangements
Thermal forces, moments & displacement of piping
Ease of operation, inspection, and installation
Support Function
Occasional loads
Summing Up!
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