How to select the right steel doors that match your interior design!

How to select the right steel doors that match your interior design!


You must have often heard the expression,” You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Your main door is the first impression that you create when you have visitors and it gives them a fair idea of what lies inside. The main door is critical when it comes to safety and security apart from aesthetics and it is essential that you apply your mind before finalising this important aspect of your home. Interior doors are equally important but they need not be as strong as the main door for obvious reasons. Keeping all this in mind, APL Apollo makes beautiful steel doors and steel door frames that are perfect for your home.

Wood and steel are the main options available for doors. In today’s times when people are becoming more aware of the environment and the need to conserve the same, leading to a conscious shift to steel doors that combine strength and aesthetics while saving trees leading to a win-win proposition for all concerned

Steel doors have an edge over traditional wooden doors because of their strength and durability and with modern cutting-edge technology, they have incorporated an element of aesthetics and elegance to create a piece that can accentuate the beauty of your home.

Broadly you would need three types of doors –

Main Door
Interior Doors
Bathroom Doors
You will need to make sure that the doors are aligned with your interior design to enhance the ambience of your home. The location and size of the doors are important considerations that will help you choose the right steel doors for your home. Remember the main door needs to be extra strong and durable while the interior doors need to be functional. So the strength of the steel gauge can vary depending on the purpose for which you choose it.

Beautiful Homes with APL Apollo have a mobile app called Aalishaan that can help you select the best door designs that can blend perfectly with the interior design of your home. They can offer you an inspiration to select the right designs from their wide range of doors to enhance the beauty of your residence. Apollo Chaukhat and Apollo Wondoor combine to create complete door solutions that combine aesthetics and durability to create timeless pieces that are in synchronization with your layout.

You can use the Aalishaan app to contact the fabricators directly and get them to assemble the doors as per your requirements. The weight calculator will help you estimate the amount of steel required for the doors and work out the cost.

Steel doors with a wooden paint finish are the trending choice for modern homes as they combine elegance with strength and provide a green solution that is environmentally friendly. Being long-lasting and providing recyclability, Apollo steel doors and chaukhat are fast replacing wood as the choice of the modern environment-conscious generation.

Steel doors from APL Apollo have several interesting features –

The steel doors are fire resistant.
They are cost effective
They are termite proof
Steel doors from APL Apollo are durable
They can be fitted easily
They are customisable and can be made to precision
They are environmentally friendly and are better than the alternatives available
Steel can be recycled n number of times
APL Apollo with its range of modern steel doors that are perfectly suited for the fast -paced modern culture offers its customers the advantage of the Aalishaan mobile app to make the most of its offerings. Check out for the complete range of classy steel doors that can cater to all your needs