Pre-painted Structural Solutions (Apollo Navrang)

Pre-painted Structural Solutions (Apollo Navrang)


Pre-painted Structural Steel or coloured steel materials are creating their own marketplace as their demand is steadily increasing. You may have used bare steel pipes and tubes with a neutral colour that may be painted at the construction site to prevent corrosion and keep their aesthetic value.

However, painting steel pipes and tubes subsequently is generally poisonous to the environment. It can create air and land pollution. Rusted pipes should not be used in architecture, construction, or industry. In addition to affecting structural steel pipe quality, rusting also raises maintenance costs.

APL Apollo, a leading steel company, has introduced pre-painted steel pipes, painted only in factories under controlled conditions. Thus, it minimizes environmental risks and reduces maintenance costs as well. Learn more about the benefits of pre-painted structural tubes and their applications.
Why choose Pre-painted Structural Steel?
Steel structural products need time to transport after being manufactured and are exposed to different environmental conditions. They are highly prone to corrosion that may occur during humid conditions. Apollo offers galvanized and pre-painted tubes that prevent rust and extend the product’s longevity. Moreover, such painted structural steel tubes and pipes reduce the effort of removing rust.

Colour-coated products can enhance aesthetic appeal and provide a sleek finish. They are suitable for various purposes, roofing, airports, warehouses, etc. Besides, APL Apollo has pioneered in launching products to save the environment and reduce deforestation by replacing wood with hollow steel sections. One such product range is Apollo Navrang, which includes pre-galvanized sheets/ galvalume sheets for residential and commercial building rooftops, open-door frames, pre-engineered building sheds, etc. APL Apollo has launched Apollo Navrang, the world’s first narrow and thicker colour-coated coils and sheets.

Also, the APL Apollo setup line has a diverse range of products for various applications. Here is a list of the applications where pre-painted structural steel coils and sheets can be used.

#### Applications of Apollo Pre-painted Steel
**Open Door Frames:** Pre-painted open-door frames are the best replacement for wooden frames. Steel double-door frames offer protection and aesthetic appeal to your abode. You do not need an expert to install the Navrang door frame. Also, structural steel doors are termite-free and humidity resistant. You can recycle the steel door frames, which reduces the wastage of limited resources and makes it an environmentally-friendly product.
**Solar Panel Frames:** Navrang solar panel frames are made of galvanized structural steel, which is better than Galvanized Iron. A coated solar panel will ensure high resistance to all weather conditions and increase the lifespan. It is manufactured using advanced technology of the Alu Zinc line that increases heat stability or reflectivity. It also ensures high performance and more durability.
**PEB Purlins: **Pre-engineered building materials are used for purlin and girt applications. It is the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative for various infrastructures. Navrang C and Z purlins are flexible with bend characteristics ranging from 0T to 3T.
**In Conclusion**

Pre-painted hollow sections, pipes, tubes, and sheets are produced in different colours for different purposes. APL Apollo Tubes has been manufacturing innovative and impressive structural steel products to create sustainable and strong structures. Whatever your reason for buying pre-colour-coated steel tubes and pipes, APL Apollo is here to cater the right product for your project. To check out the entire product range please visit .