New And Innovative Colour Coated Purlin, Door Frame, Solar Panel Solution For Structures

New And Innovative Colour Coated Purlin, Door Frame, Solar Panel Solution For Structures

APL Apollo, the leader in structural steel tubes and pipes in India, takes innovation very seriously and comes with new product ranges developed with the latest technology. With a capacity of 2.6 million tons, it has warehouses and branches in 29 cities catering to the length and breadth of the country and exporting to over 20 countries. Their product range is used as load-bearing building materials in housing and commercial construction across the country.

In its latest breakthrough, APL Apollo has launched its novel APL Navrang range offering colour-coated galvanized sheets for various applications. The idea is to use superior technology to provide pre-painted galvanized sheets that can be used in various applications adding value and aesthetic elegance at the same time. As part of this range, APL Apollo offers colour-coated purlins, door frames and solar panel solutions.

Applications of pre-painted sheets:

**Solar Panel Frames – ** These are manufactured from high-quality pre-painted galvanized sheets which make them a superior alternative to Galvanized Iron for constructing solar panel frames. These panels are built to withstand tough weather conditions and are extremely durable. The advanced technology of Alu Zinc line has been deployed for this purpose which offers higher heat resistance and reflectivity that makes the product sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, they are available in classy colours which makes them aesthetically pleasing.

C and Z Purlins – These are specially designed for Purlin and Girt Applications and offer cheaper and environment-friendly alternatives to Galvanized Iron. They are more durable and malleable and offer a superior option in comparison to post-painted metal. Their ultra-flexible bend property from 0T to 3T, edge protection with coatings and epoxy coatings for better adhesion make them suitable for bridging. Prepainted parts have two coats of paint tightly bonded to the metal in contrast to a single coat on post-painted metal. This improves corrosion resistance and enhances longevity.

Door Frames- Navrang open door frames are a class apart as they combine the strength of steel with classy elegance to create a cool solution for your spaces. They are resistant to corrosion and humidity, stay termite-free, are recyclable and overall environmentally friendly. These features make them superior to galvanized iron frames. ** Shutter Frames** Apollo Navrang provides steel frames or pattis for shutters that are sturdier and aesthetically more pleasing. ** Roof Sheds** If you are looking for durable roof sheds, Apollo Navrang can provide you with the perfect material to construct the same. They are weather resistant, environment friendly and remain termite free.

Automobile Bodies Apollo Navrang can be used in the automobile industry to build the chassis for vehicles. The material is extremely strong and the prepainted galvanized sheets allow for faster production.

Apollo Navrang is focused on creating a superior range of products that are ready to use in diverse applications. The double coat of paint on galvanized sheets keeps the metal in perfect condition braving the vagaries of nature. They offer value for money as they will last longer and need less maintenance or replacement. Since they are pre-painted, they can save a lot of time in project execution which leads to lower overheads.

APL Apollo is the undisputed leader when it comes to innovative breakthroughs in structural steel tubes and pipes.The new APL Navrang range is a win-win solution on all fronts and it deserves a look-in if you are looking for construction materials.You can check out the entire range right here at